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Project Description

The project, through the implementation of a highly sustainable and replicable approach for the integrated and sound management of electronic (e-waste), hazardous, health-care and municipal solid waste categories, will achieve the avoidance of releases of U-POPs, PBDEs and CO2, contributing at the same time to the development of the waste circular economy elements based on the 3R (Reduce, Re-use, Recycle) approach principles.

The project is designed with the three (3) components:
Project Component 1

Development of an environmentally sound management (ESM) system for E-waste, which has the objective to improve and enforce the E-waste regulation in the country, and to develop capacity for the collection and disposal of POPs contaminated E-waste products and end-of-life articles;

Project Component 2

Achievement of environmentally sound healthcare waste management (HCW), which has the objective to build on the existing potential of the country to further improve and extend the current HCW practices, including training, certification and procurement of HCW waste treatment technology;

Project Component 3

Development of waste diversion/resource recovery capacity for reduction in U-POPs emissions, accompanied by GHG related improvements, with the objective to demonstrate minimization in the amount of municipal waste (containing potentially hazardous fractions such as plastic etc) improperly dumped or disposed of through recycling techniques and application of reverse-derived fuel (RDF) principles in modern qualified cement kiln industry, including improved management of hazardous waste through establishing of a public/private partnership

The project will bring not only environmental benefits, but also substantial social protection benefits through the implementation of a dedicated gender mainstreaming plan and involvement of local communities in the activities related to the circular recycling economy

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